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NUL0000000000000000nullNUL - Null ^@ ^` c-@ c-`
STX0010010100000001start-of-headingSTX - Start of heading (sometimes SOH) GTL ^A ^a c-A c-a
SOT0020020200000010start-of-textSOT - Start of text (was STX) (sometime SOT) ^B ^b c-B c-b
ETX0030030300000011end-of-textETX - End of text ^C ^c c-C c-c
EOT0040040400000100end-of-transmissionEOT - End of transmission SDC ^D ^d c-D c-d ..._._
ENQ0050050500000101enquiryENQ - Inquire PPC ^E ^e c-E c-e
ACK0060060600000110acknowledgeACK - Acknowledge ^F ^f c-F c-f
BEL0070070700000111bellBEL - Bell ^G ^g c-G c-g \a
BS0080100800001000backspaceBS - Backspace GET ^H ^h c-H c-h \b
HT0090110900001001tabHT - Horizontal tabulation TCT HT ^I ^i c-I c-i \t
LF0100120A00001010linefeedLF - Line feed lf ^J ^j c-J c-j \n
VT0110130B00001011vertical-tabVT - Vertical tabulation ^K ^k c-K c-k \v
FF0120140C00001100formfeedFF - Form feed ff page ^L ^l c-L c-l \f
CR0130150D00001101carriage-returnCR - Carriage return cr ^M ^m c-M c-m \r
SO0140160E00001110shift-outSO - Shift out ^N ^n c-N c-n
SI0150170F00001111shift-inSI - Shift in ^O ^o c-O c-o
DLE0160201000010000data-link-escapeDLE - Data link escape ^P ^p c-P c-p
DC10170211100010001Device Control 1DC1 - Device control 1; X-on xon XON LLO go ^Q ^q c-Q c-Q
DC20180221200010010Device Control 2DC2 - Device control 2 ^R ^r c-R c-r
DC30190231300010011!!Device Control 3DC3 - Device control 3 xoff XOFF stop ^S ^s c-S c-s
DC40200241400010100Device Control 4DC4 - Device control 4 DCL ^T ^t c-T c-t
NAK0210251500010101negative-acknowledgeNAK - Negative acknowledgment PPU ^U ^u c-U c-u
SYN0220261600010110synchronous-idleSYN - Synchronous idle ^V ^v c-V c-v
ETB0230271700010111end-of-transmission-blockETB - End of transmission block ^W ^w c-W c-w
CAN0240301800011000cancelCAN - Cancel SPE ^X ^x c-X c-x
EM0250311900011001end-of-mediumEM - End of medium SPD ^Y ^y c-Y c-y
SUB0260321A00011010substituteSUB - Substitute; End of file suspend ^Z ^z c-Z c-z
ESC0270331B00011011escapeESC - Escape ^[ ^{ c-[ c-{ m-
FS0280341C00011100field-separatorFS - File separator ^\ ^| c- c-|
GS0290351D00011101group-separatorGS - Group separator ^] ^} c-] c-}
RS0300361E00011110record-separatorRS - Record separator ^^ ^~ c-^ c-~
US0310371F00011111unit-separatorUS - Unit separator ^_ ^DEL c-_ c-DEL
SPC0320402000100000&nbsp spaceSpace spc
!0330412100100001!!exclamation-pointExclamation point; exclamation mark; bang wow boing hey
"03404322000100010&quot"double-traight-quotedouble-quote guillement
#03504323000100011##number-signNumber sign; pound she sharp crosshatch octothorpe
$03604424000100100$$dollar-signDollar sign; milreis; escudo @@ money buck escape
%03704525000100101%%percent-signPercent sign per double-o-seven mod
&03804626000100110&amp&ampersandAmpersand and address snowman donald-duck
'03904727000100111''apostropheApostrophe; single quote quote tick prime
(04005028000101000((left-parenthesisLeft parenthesis; opening parenthesis open sad
)04105129000101001))right-parenthesisRight parenthesis; closing parenthesis close happy
*0420522A000101010**asteriskAsterisk; star; splat star times wildcard Hale
+0430532B000101011++addition-signPlus sign plus and
,0440542C000101100,,commaComma; decimal separator __..__
-0450552D000101101--subtraction-signMinus sign; dash; hyphen minus negative dash
.0460562E000101110..periodPeriod full-stop dot point radix decimal ._._._
/0470572F000101111//right-slashForward slash; virgule; solidus; stroke; shilling over
00480603000011000000zeroDigit Zero _____
10490613100011000111oneDigit One .____
20500623200011001022twoDigit Two ..___
30510633300011001133threeDigit Three ...__
40520643400011010044fourDigit Four ...._
50530653500011010155fiveDigit Five .....
60540663600011011066sixDigit Six _....
70550673700011011177sevenDigit Seven __...
80560703800011100088eightDigit Eight ___..
90570713900011100199nineDigit Nine ____.
:0580723A000111010::colonColon; ratio double-dots ___...
;0590733B000111011;;semicolonSemicolon go-on _._._.
<0600743C00111100&lt<less-thanLess than sign; left angle bracket bra in west left-chevron
=0610753D00111101==equalsEqual sign; identical to quadrathorpe
>0620763E00111110&gt>greater-thanGreater than sign; right angle bracket (bra)ket out east right-chevron
?0630773F00111111??question-markQuestion mark; interrobang UNL query what ..__..
@0641004001000000@@at-symbolAt sign; commercial at at-sign strudel whirl snail
A0651014101000001AAALatin capital letter A ._
B0661024201000010&BBBLatin capital letter B _...
C0671034301000011CCCLatin capital letter C _._.
D0681044401000100DDDLatin capital letter D _..
E0691054501000101EEELatin capital letter E .
F0701064601000110FFFLatin capital letter F .._.
G0711074701000111GGGLatin capital letter G __.
H0721104801001000HHHLatin capital letter H ....
I0731114901001001IIILatin capital letter I ..
J0741124A01001010JJJLatin capital letter J .___
K0751134B01001011KKKLatin capital letter K _._
L0761144C01001100LLLLatin capital letter L ._..
M0771154D01001101MMMLatin capital letter M __
N0781164E01001110NNNLatin capital letter N _.
O0791174F01001111OOOLatin capital letter O ___
P0801205001010000PPPLatin capital letter P .__.
Q0811215101010001QQQLatin capital letter Q __._
R0821225201010010RRRLatin capital letter R ._.
S0831235301010011SSSLatin capital letter S ...
T0841245401010100TTTLatin capital letter T _
U0851255501010101UUULatin capital letter U .._
V0861265601010110VVVLatin capital letter V ..._
W0871275701010111WWWLatin capital letter W.__
X0881305801011000XXXLatin capital letter X_.._
Y0891315901011001YYYLatin capital letter Y_.__
Z0901325A01011010ZZZLatin capital letter Z__..
[0911335B01011011[[left-bracketLeft square bracket; opening square bracket open-square
\0921345C01011100\\left-slashBackslash; reverse solidus; back-slant backslash bash
]0931355D01011101]]right-bracketRight square bracket; closing square bracket close-square
^0941365E01011110^^hatCircumflex accent; caret; up arrowhead circumflex caret up-arrow
_0951375F01011111__underscoreUnderscore; horizontal bar; low line; under-bar UNT underbar
`0961406001100000``accent-graveGrave accent; acute accent; left single quote; back-quote; reversed prime backprime backquote
a0971416101100001aaAlphaAble Latin small letter A
b0981426201100010bbBravoBaker Latin small letter B
c0991436301100011ccCharlieLatin small letter C
d1001446401100100ddDeltaLatin small letter D
e1011456501100101eeEchoLatin small letter E
f1021466601100110ffFoxtrotFox Latin small letter F
g1031476701100111ggGolfLatin small letter G
h1041506801101000hhHotelLatin small letter H
i1051516901101001iiIndiaLatin small letter I
j1061526A01101010jjJuliettLatin small letter J
k1071536B01101011kkKiloLatin small letter K
l1081546C01101100llLimaLatin small letter L
m1091556D01101101mmMikeLatin small letter M
n1101566E01101110nnNovemberLatin small letter N
o1111576F01101111ooOscarLatin small letter O
p1121607001110000ppPapaLatin small letter P
q1131617101110001qqQuebecLatin small letter Q
r1141627201110010rrRomeoLatin small letter R
s1151637301110011ssSierraLatin small letter S
t1161647401110100ttTangoLatin small letter T
u1171657501110101uuUniformLatin small letter U
v1181667601110110vvVictorLatin small letter V
w1191677701110111wwWhiskeyLatin small letter W
x1201707801111000xxX-rayLatin small letter X
y1211717901111001yyYankeeLatin small letter Y
z1221727A01111010zzZuluLatin small letter Z
{1231737B01111011{{left-braceLeft curly brace; left curly bracket; opening curly bracket begin leftit
|1241747C01111100||logical-orVertical bar; OR symbol; vertical line; pipevertical-bar pipe
}1251757D01111101}}right-braceRight curly brace; right curly bracket; closing curly bracket end rightit
~1261767E01111110~~tildeTilde; approximate similar wave squiggle approx wave
DEL1271777F01111111deleteDelete DEL rubout ^?
1282008010000000&euro;#8364; Euro currency symbol
1292018110000001Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250
1302028210000010BPH - Baseline single quote (Break Permitted Here)
1312038310000011&fnof;NBH - Latin small hooked f; florin (No Break Here)
1322048410000100IND - Baseline double quote (Index)
1332058510000101&hellip;NEL - Ellipsis (Next Line)
1342068610000110&dagger;SSA - Single dagger (Start of Selected Area)
1352078710000111&Dagger;ESA - Double dagger (End of Selected Area)
1362108810001000HTS - Accent circumflex; caret; Euro symbol in Codepage 1251 (Set Character Tabulation)
1372118910001001&permil;HTJ - Permille (Set Justified Character Tabulation)
1382128A10001010&Scaron;VTS - Latin capital S with caron; hacek (Set Line Tabulation)
1392138B10001011&lsqauo;PLD - Single left angle quote; single Guillemet (Partial Line Down)
1402148C10001100&OElig;PLU - Latin capital OE ligature (Partial Line Up)
1412158D10001101RI - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Reverse Linefeed)
1422168E10001110SS2 - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Single Shift Two)
1432178F10001111SS3 - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Single Shift Three)
1442209010010000DCS - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Device Control String)
1452219110010001&lsquo;PU1 - Opening single quote (Private Use One)
1462229210010010&rsquo;PU2 - Closing single quote (Private Use Two)
1472239310010011&ldquo;STS - Opening double quote (Set Transmit State)
1482249410010100&rdquo;CCH - Closing double quote (Cancel Character)
1492259510010101&bull;MW - Bullet (Message Waiting)
1502269610010110&ndash;SPA - En-dash (Start of Guarded Area)
1512279710010111&mdash;EPA - Em-dash (End of Guarded Area)
1522309810011000SOS - Tilde (Start of String)
1542329A10011010&scaron;SCI - Latin small S with caron; hacek (Single Character Introducer)
1552339B10011011&rsaquo;CSI - Single right angle quote; single Guillemet (Control Sequence Introducer)
1562349C10011100&oelig;ST - Latin small OE ligature (String Terminator)
1572359D10011101OSC - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Operating System Command)
1582369E10011110PM - Not used by ANSI Codepage 1250 (Privacy Message)
1592379F10011111&Yuml;APC - Latin capital Y, diresis/umlaut (Application Program Command)
160240A010100000&nbsp;NBSP - Non-breaking space
161241A110100001&iexcl;Inverted exclamation mark
162242A210100010&cent;Cent symbol; cent sign
163243A310100011&pound;Pound Sterling; pound sign
164244A410100100&curren;International currency; currency sign
165245A510100101&yen;Japanese Yen; Yen sign
166246A610100110&brvbar;Split | (vertical bar); broken bar
167247A710100111&sect;Section sign; paragraph sign
168250A810101000&die;Umlaut; diresis
169251A910101001&copy;Copyright sign
170252AA10101010&ordf;Feminine ordinal indicator
171253AB10101011&laquo;Left Guillemet; chevron; left angle quote
172254AC10101100&not;Not sign; angled dash
173255AD10101101&shy;Soft hyphen; discretionary hyphen
174256AE10101110&reg;Registered trademark; registered sign
175257AF10101111&macr;Macron; oline; over-score; vinculum
176260B010110000&deg;Degree sign
177261B110110001&plusmn;Plus-Minus sign
178262B210110010&sup2;Two Superscript; squared
179263B310110011&sup3;Three Superscript; cubed
180264B410110100&acute;Acute accent
181265B510110101&micro;Micro sign; small mu
182266B610110110&para;Paragraph; Pilcrow sign
183267B710110111&middot;Middle dot; Georgian comma; midpoint
185271B910111001&sup1;Superscript One
186272BA10111010&ordm;Masculine ordinal indicator
187273BB10111011&raquo;Right Guillemet; chevron, right angle quote
191277BF10111111&iquest;Inverted question mark
192300C011000000&Agrave;Latin capital A, grave accent
193301C111000001&Aacute;Latin capital A, acute
194302C211000010&Acirc;Latin capital A, circumflex
195303C311000011&Atilde;Latin capital A, tilde
196304C411000100&Auml;Latin capital A, diresis/umlaut
197305C511000101&Aring;Latin capital A, ring
198306C611000110&AElig;Latin capital AE ligature
199307C711000111&Ccedil;Latin capital C, cedilla
200310C811001000&Egrave;Latin capital E, grave accent
201311C911001001&Eacute;Latin capital E, acute accent
202312CA11001010&Ecirc;Latin capital E, circumflex
203313CB11001011&Euml;Latin capital E, diresis/umlaut
204314CC11001100&Igrave;Latin capital I, grave accent
205315CD11001101&Iacute;Latin capital I, acute accent
206316CE11001110&Icirc;Latin capital I, circumflex
207317CF11001111&Iuml;Latin capital I, diresis/umlaut
208320D011010000&ETH;Latin capital Eth, Icelandic
209321D111010001&Ntilde;Latin capital N, tilde
210322D211010010&Ograve;Latin capital O, grave accent
211323D311010011&Oacute;Latin capital O, acute accent
212324D411010100&Ocirc;Latin capital O, circumflex
213325D511010101&Otilde;Latin capital O, tilde
214326D611010110&Ouml;Latin capital O, diresis/umlaut
215327D711010111&times;Multiplication sign
216330D811011000&Oslash;Latin capital O, slash
217331D911011001&Ugrave;Latin capital U, grave accent
218332DA11011010&Uacute;Latin capital U, acute accent
219333DB11011011&Ucirc;Latin capital U, circumflex
220334DC11011100&Uuml;Latin capital U, diresis/umlaut
221335DD11011101&Yacute;Latin capital Y, acute accent
222336DE11011110&THORN;Latin capital Thorn, Icelandic
223337DF11011111&szlig;Latin small sharp s, German sz
224340E011100000&agrave;Latin small A, grave accent
225341E111100001&aacute;Latin small A, acute accent
226342E211100010&acirc;Latin small A, circumflex
227343E311100011&atilde;Latin small A, tilde
228344E411100100&auml;Latin small A, diresis/umlaut
229345E511100101&aring;Latin small A, ring
230346E611100110&aelig;Latin small AE ligature
231347E711100111&ccedil;Latin small C, cedilla
232350E811101000&egrave;Latin small E, grave accent
233351E911101001&eacute;Latin small E, acute accent
234352EA11101010&ecirc;Latin small E, circumflex
235353EB11101011&euml;Latin small E, diresis/umlaut
236354EC11101100&igrave;Latin small I, grave accent
237355ED11101101&iacute;Latin small I, acute accent
238356EE11101110&icirc;Latin small I, circumflex
239357EF11101111&iuml;Latin small I, diresis/umlaut
240360F011110000&eth;Latin small Eth, Icelandic
241361F111110001&ntilde;Latin small N, tilde
242362F211110010&ograve;Latin small O, grave accent
243363F311110011&oacute;Latin small O, acute accent
244364F411110100&ocirc;Latin small O, circumflex
245365F511110101&otilde;Latin small O, tilde
246366F611110110&ouml;Latin small O, diresis/umlaut
247367F711110111&divide;Division sign
248370F811111000&oslash;Latin small O, slash
249371F911111001&ugrave;Latin small U, grave accent
250372FA11111010&uacute;Latin small U, acute accent
251373FB11111011&ucirc;Latin small U, circumflex
252374FC11111100&uuml;Latin small U, diresis/umlaut
253375FD11111101&yacute;Latin small Y, acute accent
254376FE11111110&thorn;Latin small Thorn, Icelandic
255377FF11111111&yuml;Latin small Y, diresis/umlaut